Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our first post: Introductions

I'm Jane; I live outside of DC with Jim and our cat Sammy. Jim and I are both reluctant urbanites. We don't know about Sammy, he might love it here — he certainly loves watching the squirrels.

Here we are, stuck in the city…traffic, neighbors, and not enough soil to grow a proper basil plant, much less a garden. But we’re still trying to do things the fresh, homemade, from-scratch way — and satisfy our taste for the unusual.

You’ll also get to meet the mascot for this blog: our cat, Sammy.


Adele said...

I think your blog is really interesting. Two things I like best - when you interject humor into your recipe writing and of course the pictures of your cat.

Anonymous said...

Your pizza sauce was awesome. I've tried it and it's really different. The green pepper is really unusual.

Anonymous said...

The pizza has my mouth watering! Looks delicious.

Adele said...

How do I know that the quarry tile doesn't have lead in it? Any advice?